7 Security Tips to Protect Your Website from Hackers

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7 Reasons to Use Two-Factor Authentication

Take an extra step to keep yourself safe   There are statistics that at the moment, theft of information is an even more profitable business than selling drugs. Besides the fact that… Read More

Online Security Tips and Essentials

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Are Your Chrome Credentials Secure?

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5 Vital Security Tips for Your E-commerce Store

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Microsoft to Bring Back Optional Windows Updates

Windows 10 Optional Updates Coming Soon If you can remember the good old days of Windows 7 where we got to decide what patches we installed on our computers when it came… Read More

6 Tips For Choosing The Best Web Host

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Canada, Is It Safe to Surf the Internet without a VPN?

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WPA2 Protected Wi-Fi Networks May Be Easy to Hack After All

WPA2 May Not Be So Secure After All With WPA2 being the latest and greatest wireless security standard of course there will be people looking to hack into WPA2 protected networks for… Read More

How to Secure a Folder in Windows

Create a private secured folder that only you can access Many computer users share their computer with other people and yet don’t want to share all of their personal files. Windows computers… Read More
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