Change the Default Office Save Options

Microsoft uses default open and save options for its Office programs just like they use default fonts and styles for their Office documents. For most people this is ok and they will… Read More

Export your Microsoft Outlook Calendar to a File to Share

Share your Micosoft Outlook Calendar with Other People Nowadays it’s all about sharing information and everyone is connected to everyone else and all your data is “in the cloud” but there are… Read More

How to Turn Off Protected View in Office

Office has some new security features built in that are supposed to keep your computer safe from malicious Office documents that you may open on your computer. One of these security features… Read More

Edit Your Outlook Auto Complete Addresses With NK2View

Many email clients will offer an autofill feature that remembers previously used email addresses and fills them in based on what you are typing in the recipient field of your email client.… Read More

Customize Your Hyperlink Hover Over Information In Office Software

Microsoft Office is one of the most widely used software programs in use today. When it comes to Office suites in general, its more well known and used than anything else out… Read More

Increase Font or Letter Spacing in Microsoft Word

If you are a regular user of Microsoft Word or any word processing program I’m sure that you know that you can change the typestyle or font to suit your needs. If… Read More

Outlook 2010 Doesn’t Delete Mail Off Of Server

Many people use Microsoft Outlook as their email client to get their email from their ISP to their desktop. Even if you use a webmail account like Hotmail or Yahoo you can… Read More

MS Word 2010 Solutions: 10 Must-have Tips and Tricks for Beginners

I think it’s impossible to imagine a world without Microsoft Word. This word-processing software is among the most well-known programs that the computer world has ever known, having been in existence since… Read More
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