Create a Transparent Background for an Image Using Microsoft Paint 3D

Get rid of those pesky backgrounds in your images   Photo editing is a very common thing that people like to do using their computers and if you are into graphic design… Read More

How to Manage Multiple PST files in Outlook?

How safe is your Outlook email?   Microsoft Outlook is one of the popular email services that’s part of thousands of people across the globe. With Outlook being part of our daily… Read More

An In-Depth Guide to Use OneNote Class & Staff Teachers Notebook

Use OneNote in the classroom to stay organized   Microsoft OneNote has a longstanding reputation in creating impressive and useful tools for the classroom environment. They have developed numerous applications that help… Read More

Change Your Windows Explorer Quick Access and Recent Files Settings

Do you want Windows to mind it’s own business?   Do you hate it when Windows thinks it knows what’s best for you? When you go into Windows/File Explorer you might have… Read More

How to Setup Email on Microsoft Office 365

Is it time to move to the cloud?   Have you noticed how important emails are for conversions and in return, more revenue? You use them to spread awareness of your brand,… Read More

AD (Active Directory) Photo Edit Free

If you are an IT admin at place that uses a Microsoft Windows Active Directory domain then you might have the need to import employee pictures into Active Directory so they can… Read More

NTFS Permissions Reporter

If you work in the IT industry and use Windows for your servers andor workstations then you most likely know what NTFS is. NTFS (New Technology File System) was introduced by Microsoft… Read More

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

The Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) allows you to assess the administrative vulnerabilities present on one or multiple computers on your network. MBSA scans the specified computers and then generates a report… Read More
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