Save Multiple Items to Your Windows Clipboard with Clipboard History

Yes there is a way to save multiple copied items on the clipboard!   If you are like most people, you like to use the copy and paste feature in Windows to… Read More

Add a Windows Domain Controller Using Windows Installation Media

Configure a Domain Controller Using Installation Media When you have a Microsoft Windows domain its essential to have more than one domain controller for redundancy and load balancing especially in larger environments.… Read More

Using Resultant Set of Policies (RSOP) to See What Policies are Applied to Your Computer

Check your computer’s applied policies with the Resultant Set of Policies console Group policies have been used in Windows for many years now and their purpose is to tune the configuration of… Read More

Windows ReadyBoost

ReadyBoost is a Windows feature that allows you to speed up your computer by using external USB flash drives and flash memory cards as additional memory which your computer will use as… Read More

How to Disable the Print Notification Message in Windows

Almost everyone who has a computer has printed some sort of document or picture. You may print to a locally attached printer or a networked or shared printer. Either way Windows likes… Read More

Setting File Associations

I’m sure you have noticed that at the end of your files there is usually a dot or period and then 3 letters or numbers such as Report.xls. This is what is… Read More

Windows Server 2008 Editions

Just like previous versions of Windows Server such as 2000 and 2003, Windows Server 2008 comes in many editions so you can choose the version that suits your needs and is in… Read More

Disable Server Manager from Loading at Startup in Windows 2008 Server

If you are running a Windows 2008 Server at your workplace or even at home I’m sure you have noticed that the Server Manager console starts up every time you boot your… Read More
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