Exporting Your Outlook Email to a PST File

Microsoft Outlook uses what is called a PST file or Personal Folders File to store your email, contacts and calendar data etc. in one central location. Each Outlook user will have their… Read More

Password Protect your Microsoft Outlook PST File

People use passwords for just about everything these days such as website logins, computer logins and email logins. Many people use Microsoft Outlook for their email client and may not know that… Read More

Password Protecting your Office Documents

  In today’s age of viruses, malware and security breaches you may want to be able to protect your Office documents from people who shouldn’t be looking at them. Many people keep… Read More

Clear the Recently Opened Documents List in Office

Many Windows programs offer a listing of recently opened files so that you can re-open a file you recently worked on quickly without having to search for its location all over again.… Read More

Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar in Office

Microsoft changed the look and feel of the entire Office suite with the release of Office 2007. This left many people in the dark when it came to doing their normal tasks… Read More

Microsoft Word Options

When Microsoft decided to completely revamp the way their Office suite looked it was met with mixed reviews. The new Ribbon interface is supposed to make things easier to find and do… Read More

Creating an Outlook Distribution List Group

I’m sure at one point or another when sending out emails that you have sent a group email to multiple recipients. But what if you want to save that group of addresses… Read More

Create an Outlook Email Signature

Outlook email signatures are text and or images that are placed in the body of an email message commonly used for things such as showing a person’s name, title, address, phone number… Read More

Office Tips and Tricks

There are many useful and unique Microsoft Office tips and tricks you can try to enhance your Office skills or even make using Office more fun. Many of the tricks you can… Read More

Change Your Microsoft Outlook Theme

Almost everyone who has a computer and Internet access has an email account whether it is at home or at work. And I’m sure you have seen those emails come in from… Read More
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