10 Hardware Trends in 2021

2021 is looking good for technology!   With everything that happened in 2020, should we even think about new trends and technologies at this moment? Humankind is resilient and adaptive, and throughout… Read More

Intel Optane Memory

Do you want to make your hard drive faster?   If you pay any attention to the latest and greatest technology and how it seems to improve on a daily basis in… Read More

Top 4 Best CPU’s for Gaming and Performance

Top 4 Best CPUs for Gaming and Performance   Most gamers tend to focus more on finding the best graphics card while overlooking the importance of a high-performance CPU. This is logical… Read More

AMD and Qualcomm Moving in on Intel PC Processor Dominance

Who Will be the Future King of the Processor? When it comes to desktop computer processors and even server processors, Intel has enjoyed being the king of the CPU for some time… Read More

Older Versions of Windows to Suffer the Most from the Spectre & Meltdown Patches

Should you be concerned about the Spectre & Meltdown patches? Windows users are used to seeing warnings about viruses, spyware and security flaws for Windows but once in a while it’s not… Read More

New Qualcomm Server Processor Challenges Intel

Qualcomm Inc. has come out with a new server level processor designed to take on Intel in the server and cloud platform in which has 99% of the market for chips that… Read More
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