Frequently Asked Questions - Microsoft Office Common Questions and Answers

FAQs - Microsoft Office Common Questions and Answers
Here you will find questions and answers to common Microsoft Office topics.
How do I open Excel files side by side with dual monitors?

The easiest way to do this is to first change your taskbar settings so your Excel files will show as separate entries on the taskbar. To do this right click on a blank spot of your taskbar and choose Properties. For Windows Vista uncheck the box that says Group similar taskbar buttons. For Windows 7 and up where it says Taskbar buttons, make it say Never combine from the dropdown list.

Now open Excel by itself from the Excel shortcut rather than double clicking an Excel file. Drag the empty Excel window to your secondary monitor and then open Excel again and keep in on your primary monitor. Now open your files from the Open option within Excel.

How do I make Outlook send my email right away without having it go to the Outbox first? Every time I write an email and click on the Send button it shows up in my Outbox and then I either have to click Send\Receive or wait for it to send it on its own when it does the automatic Send\Receive after so many minutes.

By default, Outlook will send your outgoing messages to the Outbox allowing you to have more control of when you actually send them out of the Outlook client to the Internet where you won’t be able to make any changes after they are sent. This way you can compose and send multiple emails and then make sure they are correct before finally sending them out.

Many people don’t like this extra step and prefer to have their email be sent out to the Internet right away after pressing send within the new email window. This option can be changed very easily so Outlook will send the email right away after pressing the Send button. The steps will vary depending on what version of Outlook you are using.

For Outlook 2010 and up click on the File tab and then choose Options. For Outlook 2007 and 2003 go to the Tools menu and then click on Options and select the Mail Setup tab. Now find the checkbox that says Send immediately when connected, put a check in it and click on OK.

Now whenever you click on the Send button from within a new email it should immediately send it out and not put it in your Outbox. Just keep in mind that you lose the option to go back to your Outbox and make any changes to your email before sending it when you choose this option.

How do I put a DOT between words in Microsoft Word like this example? Problem Solving • Decision Making • Leadership.
If you go to the Insert menu and then choose Symbol and then choose More Symbols you can insert all kinds of shapes and characters including bullets. You can even choose different fonts from the drop down list and that will give you different symbol options to choose from.

I need to know how to insert text into a clip art object. I am very new to using clip art.
To install clipart into a document simply add the clipart first then make a text box with whatever text you want inside the text box. You can insert a text box by going to Insert and then Text Box. Once you have the text formatted inside the box you can double click the outside border of the text box to bring up its properties. Then you can change the fill color to No Fill so that the text box will be transparent. You can do the same for the Line section by changing it to No Line. Then you will have only the text showing and you can drag it wherever you want on top of the clipart. You can also change the text color if needed.

When typing on Microsoft Word, each time you start a new line my computer automatically capitalizes the first word.
You can go into the Word autocorrect options and turn off capitalization. If you use Word 2007 click the Office button, then go to Word Options, then Proofing and click the Autocorrect Options button. For Word 2010 and up go to File>Options>Proofing>Auto Correct Options and change the options to suit your needs.

When I highlight words and type replacement words the old words remain rather than being replaced by the new words that I typed.

The first thing to do is to make sure that the Insert key has not been accidentally pressed on the computer. This will cause text to be appended to the current text rather than replacing the text. Go into Word and try it again but this time try pressing the Insert key on your keyboard once and then see if it changes anything. You won’t see an indication on the keyboard but Word will display OVR in the status bar on the bottom when its activated.

Next you can go into your Word options and make sure that the Typing Replaces Selection option is checked. Go to File, Options and then the Advanced. Make sure the Typing Replaces Selection box is checked. The Typing Replaces Selection option deletes the selected text when you begin to type. If you clear this check box, Word inserts new text in front of the selected text and does not delete the selected text.

While using Office I get an error message saying "Saving the Auto recovery file is postponed for (file name)". How do I solve this?

This error may be caused by the name of your file. If you are using certain characters such as #, % or ! in the file name then try to take them out and use only letters and numbers.

Another thing to try would be to turn off the Word AutoRecovery feature by going to File, Options and then the Save tab and unchecking the box that says Save AutoRecover info every:. Then close Word and do a system cleanup using the free CCleaner to remove all your temp files.

Next you can try to delete the file with Word closed. When you open Word again it will create a new file. You can do a search of your hard drive for the file but make sure you have the Show hidden files and folders option checked in your folder options.

If nothing seems to work then you can try a repair installation of Word. Go to Programs and Features and click on Word or Microsoft Office if you use the Office suite and then use the repair option to have Word repair any corrupt files. Or you can uninstall Word and then reinstall. I would suggest running CCleaner after the uninstall before reinstalling.

From time to time I get emails that are Power Point. These are mostly pictures, some of which I'd like to save. Is there a way extract one picture from the power point slide show?
If you have the PowerPoint program you can open the slideshow in PowerPoint. Sometimes your computer will have just the free PowerPoint viewer which only allows you to view the slideshow. But if you have the actual program then you can save the attachment on your desktop or somewhere else where you can find it and open the PowerPoint file. Then all you need to do is right click on the picture and pick Save picture as and pick a location to save it.

How do you export the music out of a PowerPoint pps file?

It will depend on how the music was put into the slideshow and what format was used. Here is a method you can try.

1. Open your pps file in PowerPoint

2. Click on File, Save as HTML or Save as Web Page depending on your version

3. Follow the steps to convert the presentation to HTML in a new folder

4. Locate the folder you created for the files to be saved in. Look for files ending in .wav or .mp3 or other types of audio files. They may vary depending on the type of audio files imported into the presentation.

I have a bit of problem with my office software. After I copy from another program and paste into Microsoft word it came out like this "[ ri trv ]". Do you have any idea how to fix this problem?
If you are trying to copy text from another program or website into Word here is something that may help. Instead of choosing Paste try choosing Paste Special and pick Text or Unformatted Text. That way it won’t paste any of the formatting that the other program may have within the text. You can also paste it into Notepad which will not copy any formatting and then copy and paste it from Notepad into Word.

Suddenly my home PC does not recognize Word docs copied to a Flash drive from my Laptop. I can still open them by going to OPEN and then Open with Office Word but previously could click on the file icon and go directly to MS Word and the file opened. Any ideas what happened?

It sounds as though the .doc file extension used by Word has become associated with Firefox somehow. Windows uses file extensions to determine what program to open certain types of files with. These can be easily changed manually or perhaps by some type of virus or spyware. If your computer is set to hide extensions for known file types then you wont see the .doc on the end of your Word documents. You can change this setting from the View tab under Folder Options.

You should check the file association for Word documents to make sure that its associated with Word and not Firefox.

I saved my outlook onto an external hard drive and now I want to restore my contacts back to the same computer but I keep getting this error message. The file outlook.pst is not compatible with this version of the Personal Folders information service.

Are you exporting your pst file from your original Outlook installation or just copying the pst file off of your hard drive? I would actually export your mail and contacts from Outlook using the export wizard and then try to import them into your current Outlook installation.

If you cannot export your file because you don't have the original installation of Outlook on your computer then you can try to repair your pst file and try to import it again.

If your current Outlook installation is an older version of the one that your pst file is from then that may cause a problem too. Or if your pst file is too big as in over 2GB (depending on your version of Outlook) then sometimes Outlook has a problem with that as well. Also right click on your pst file and go to Properties and make sure its not set to read only. If you are trying to import it from a CD then copy it to the hard drive first and then try to import it.

An installation error appears as I open my MS Word Program it says "a required installation file SKU011.CAB could not found".

I would browse the CD itself and see if you can find the file itself. If there are a lot of folders and sub folders then you may be better off doing a search for the file.

If you find it then see if you can drag/copy it to your desktop. This will show if your computer can read the file or not. If you get an error copying it then it may be a case of a scratch on the CD that corrupted that file. If you can copy it then when the computer asks for that file during installation you can browse to the one you copied on your desktop to get past that part of the installation. Then you will have to point it back to your CD to finish installing Word.

Another option is to see if you can make a copy of the CD successfully or copy it to your hard drive and then try to install Word from the copy.

I have taken over a new job and my employer gave me the previous employee laptop. Every time I create a document of any kind it lists her as the author/owner. How do I take her name off the computer and put mine in so that when I create a file/document it reflects that I did it.

Assuming you are using Word then you can change the name associated with Word itself. If you are using Word 2003 then go to the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the User Information tab. In the Name box, type your name or change the current name to your name.

For Word 2007 click the Microsoft Office Button and then click Word Options. Next click on Popular. Finally under Personalize your copy of Office, type your name in the User name box.

For Word 2010 and up click on the File tab and then Options. Under the General section where it says Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office you can put your name in the User name box.

I installe Microsoft Office. Now, when I try to save a Word document, it will save it as a web page rather than a Word document.

When you save your Word documents make sure you default save setting is for .docx files rather than .html files. You will have a drop down selection next to Save as type where you can choose what type of file you want to save your document as.

You can also check your Word save options to make sure that they are set correctly to .docx rather than .html. Click on File, Options and then click the Save tab. Where it says "Save files in this format" make sure its set to Word Document (*.docx). If it already is then I would try a repair installation or completely removing, running Ccleaner and then rebooting. Then reinstall after that.

What must I do to open PowerPoint pps email attachments without using Microsoft PowerPoint?
You can use the free Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer software to open PowerPoint files and slide shows such as pps, ppt and pptx files. It will open files created in PowerPoint 97, and higher It can be downloaded free from Microsoft and will run on Windows XP and up.

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